Home-school Science - 5 Ways to Incorporate STEM Education at Home

This year every parent has a particularly difficult decision to make – where will your child be going to school? Whether it is in-person, online or at home, take heart in knowing that you have made the best decision for your family. For those of you planning to set up makeshift classroom at home, we want to inspire you with some home-school science tips and tricks.


STEM education shouldn’t be daunting, even if you are far from being a scientist yourself. We believe it is super important to spark a passion for all things science and these five tips will help you get started on your home-school science journey.

Tip 1: Keep a Magnifying Glass on Hand 

It's such a simple tool, but encouraging your children to
examine things in nature and in their world can help lead to the "why" questions that will instill curiosity.


Tip 2 - Ask Questions

Even if you don't know the answers, engage with your kids and get their brains working by asking how they think things in nature work. Look up the answers together. Observation is the first step in seeking answers.

Tip 3 - Work Science Books into Bedtime Reading

Bedtime stories don't just need to be fantasy or fairy tales. There are a variety of great STEM focused children's books that can help create wonder in young minds. Discover our full list here (insert link from other blog post)


Tip 4 - Go with What They're Into 

Kids are very clear about the things they like and don't like. Don't fight it. Expose them to a variety of things; take a trip to the planetarium, buy them an insectarium, check out the free programs at the local library. Once they start gravitating towards certain areas, feed that curiosity with more activities, games, reading, etc.


Tip 5 – Start Experimenting

What kid doesn’t love to get their hands dirty, creating potions and concoctions? Come in Loop Lab, our STEM boxes for kids. While they are experimenting they will learn science concepts and techniques, like finding the meniscus of a liquid as well as about polymers and catalysts. Order all three boxes now and start building your at-home science lab now.

If you’re looking for a little extra help when it comes to teaching home-school science, you can also call on the experts at Mad Science for one-on-one sessions, learning pod education or our amazing after school programs. Let the STEM discovery begin!